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Welcome to our world.

We have a growth mindset.


We feel responsible.


We are united.


Welcome to our world.

We have a growth mindset.


We are Quandoo.

Quandoo is powered by an international team of people from over 50 different countries. Diversity is at the core of what we value – being open, inclusive and collaborative. As an employer, we rely on a growth mindset, a spirit of responsibility and on our superpower: our people. In doing so, we are curious and open minded. We are committed to having a positive impact on what we do and who we work with. That’s why we’ve built a company culture where Quandoorians can share expertise and grow both as professionals and as people. With offices and experienced employees on the ground across 11 countries, we’re a global company on its way to becoming the world’s leading marketplace for dining out. We are Quandoo.

Meet the Quandoorians

Meet the Quandoorians


Engineering Lead, Berlin


Onboarding Manager, Berlin


Business Development Manager, Brisbane

What we believe in:
The Core Values at Quandoo

Our values define who we are. What's important to us, what we believe, and what drives us. They give us guidance and direction. They say: This is what you can rely on when dealing with us. Welcome to our World.

Have a growth mindset

We are curious and open minded.
We want to grow and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Feel responsible

We are commited to having a positive impact on what we do and who we work with.
We act with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness.

Be united

We celebrate and embrace our diversity.
We are stronger and achieve more when we collaborate.

Are you ready to become a Quandorian?

A healthy life.

Inside and outside the office


Be as flexible as possible in terms of how you work. Whether in one of our offices, from home or while traveling: We support remote work (and of course we will supply you with great tech for it). We attach great importance to trust-based working hours and a good balance through a fair number of vacation days.

Personal development

Your growth is important to us and we want to be a part of your journey. That's why we want to support you as much as possible during your time with us: Experience responsibility from day one, professional development and a personal development budget.

Mental health

Nothing is as important as your (mental) health. That's why we take care to treat each other well and offer various mental health initiatives: (the opportunity to participate in) meditations, mental health training and 1:1 sessions with trained psychologists. All from our mental health partner nilo.health.

Your benefits

Enjoy our benefits such as the Quandoo pension scheme, corporate benefits access as well as fitness and lifestyle discounts*. You can also look forward to a great teamspirit, which is celebrated at regular on- and offline events such as team events, social gatherings and our Global Summit.

*Benefits vary depending on location

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